Last year, Green Connect...

  • <p>Kept <b>1,990</b><strong> tonnes of waste</strong> out of landfill</p>

    Kept 1,990 tonnes of waste out of landfill

  • <p>Grew and distributed <strong>13,754kg of chemical free food</strong></p>

    Grew and distributed 13,754kg of chemical free food

  • <p>Employed <strong>114 former refugees and young people</strong></p>

    Employed 114 former refugees and young people

Gratitude on a Plate - event in #Wollongong. Food demonstrations, workshops and panel discussions. We'll be there talking how to support and grow fair food, and a culture in which it can thrive. #fairfood #socent @gratitudeonline

"Titled Interloop, the Escher-like sculpture takes the historic wooden-stepped escalators from Wynyard Station... and places them on the ceiling."

We're chuffed to be part of the #Illawarra Cookbook! The folks who put it together - @quicksandfood - seek out chefs and producers of unique parts of Oz, and showcase local food culture. #fairfood #socent

In the news. Green Connect's Ops Manager Jacqui said: “In the waste industry, we talk about 'turning off the tap'. We don't want to keep mopping the floor, [we want to] stop those single-use #plastic items." #socent

Weekly veg boxes available

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