Green Connect sells local, seasonal, chemical-free food to commercial customers.

How it works

You tell us what you need. We tell you what we can grow, when we can do it and the cost. If the what, when, who and how works for all involved, we will plant to meet your concrete needs.

It’s called subscription.

This kind of relationship-based food is part of building a fairer food system. It means you know upfront what you’ll pay to get your produce. It means you know you’re buying food that looks after the people who eat it, the people who grow it, and the planet.

And so we work to meet known demand with secure income to fund this.

You can also sign up to receive a weekly email that details surplus veg we will have available the following week. Orders are first in best dressed.

Customers are encouraged to pick up from the farm, but delivery is available for sizeable orders. Harvest and deliveries happen on a Wednesday and a Thursday.

Ready to be part of a fairer food system?

Ready to be part of a fairer food system?

Contact Cal our Farm Manager on (02) 4243 1537 or

We’re delighted to be at the Team UOW Australia Desert Rose sustainability festival in Wollongong today. What a great house, project and event!

Lots of people asking our staff great questions about what goes...

Some delicious Winter seasonal veg included in this week’s veg box. What is your favourite winter vegetable? 🎃 🥔 🥦 🥗

What's in the weekly veg box this week?
Carrot or Broccoli
Kale (Green or red russian)
Radish (red)

Carrot or Broccoli

A little bit about us on the news tonight. Great to have some coverage of the Green Connect farm and the former refugees we employ. But that’s just the start...

We also employ young people,...

Weekly veg boxes available

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