Last year, Green Connect...

  • <p>Kept <strong>2,653 tonnes of waste</strong> out of landfill</p>

    Kept 2,653 tonnes of waste out of landfill

  • <p>Grew and distributed <strong>20,628kg of chemical free food</strong></p>

    Grew and distributed 20,628kg of chemical free food

  • <p>Employed <strong>106 former refugees and young people</strong></p>

    Employed 106 former refugees and young people

Radishes, Radishes Radishes
Big, small, round, thin, long, black, white, red, beige. We love them all. In your box this week

Looking for local, chemical-free, free-range pork for this Easter holiday?
Green Connect have beautiful pork roasts available for purchase.
Our pigs are raised on our permaculture farm in Warrawong, where they...

It was great to share what we do with some local, state and national politicians today and show them the farm. Thanks for visiting!

Weekly fruit and veg boxes available

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