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Frequently asked questions

How big is 5kg or 10kg of pork?
A 10kg pack fits in 25 cubic centimetres – about a third of a freezer in an average household fridge-freezer.

What cuts of meat will I get?
Both packs contain a mix of mince, sausages, pork chops, scotch fillet, spare ribs and meaty bones.

Can I choose specific cuts?
No, you’ll get a mix. A pig has only so many sections that can be made into specific cuts. We want to make sure that the whole animal is appreciated and nothing wasted so we only sell mixed packs. It also means the different cuts can be shared by our customers. To avoid any waste, we’re including a bag of bones with every 10kg pack (on top of 10kg of meat), which can be used for bone broth or soups.

Is it free-range?
Yes! Our pigs were raised on our permaculture farm in Warrawong, where they move about different areas of the farm and feast on leftover fruit, vegetables and plants, and help us cultivate the soil.

When and where do I pick up from?
Pick-up from Hastie’s Meats, 89-91 Auburn Street, Wollongong on any of the following days:
Friday 3 August, 7am-6pm
Saturday 4 August, 7am-2pm
Sunday 5 August, 9am-1pm

Anything not picked up during those times will be frozen and stored at the Green Connect office in Port Kembla.

How is the meat priced?
The price is $23 per kilogram in both packs (but large packs get a bag of bones on top).
We are a not-for-profit organisation set up to provide fair food (by which we mean it is good for the people who grow it – including that they are paid at Award rates, good for the people who eat it, and good for the planet), so the price of the meat is based on what it costs us. We rely on the community to buy it, so please spread the word!

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What's in the box this week?
This week our veg boxes are packed full of Spring seasonal vegetables
Banana stem
Oak Lettuce
Broccoli or Pumpkin
Cauliflower OR Snow Pea

What's in the box this week?
Bok Choy
Oak Lettuce
Rainbow Chard
Turnip (butter)

Bok Choy
Oak Lettuce

What a morning! A huge thank you to everyone who made it to the local World Clean Up Day event. Over 200 participants registered and we picked up a whopping 246kg of rubbish!!

22 plastic knives,...

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