The Illawarra grew out of the development of mining and manufacturing, particularly coal and steel. These industries created jobs. They also had big environmental impacts.

Today, these industries are shedding jobs and the region has one of the highest unemployment rates in Australia. This makes life harder, and it affects some groups more than others. Wollongong has a big refugee population, and only 31% of refugees have a job 5 years after resettlement. In Port Kembla and Warrawong, where we’re based, youth unemployment sits at 22 to 36%.

Last year, Green Connect...

  • <p>Kept <b>1,990</b><strong> tonnes of waste</strong> out of landfill</p>

    Kept 1,990 tonnes of waste out of landfill

  • <p>Grew and distributed <strong>13,754kg of chemical free food</strong></p>

    Grew and distributed 13,754kg of chemical free food

  • <p>Employed <strong>114 former refugees and young people</strong></p>

    Employed 114 former refugees and young people

We’re delighted to be at the Team UOW Australia Desert Rose sustainability festival in Wollongong today. What a great house, project and event!

Lots of people asking our staff great questions about what goes...

Some delicious Winter seasonal veg included in this week’s veg box. What is your favourite winter vegetable? 🎃 🥔 🥦 🥗

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Carrot or Broccoli

A little bit about us on the news tonight. Great to have some coverage of the Green Connect farm and the former refugees we employ. But that’s just the start...

We also employ young people,...

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